3 Tips for Feeding Birds in the Summer

3 Tips for Feeding Birds in the Summer

As we approach the peak of summer, it’s important to remember that backyard birding changes with the seasons. Whereas spring was the time for mating and nest building, summer brings its own challenges. In addition to feeding their young, birds have to protect their nests from predators and ensure that they are always near a reliable water source. Here are three tips on how to make your backyard appealing to birds throughout the hot summer months.

1. Offer different types of food in different parts of your yard. Since summer is the season when many species are on the lookout for food for their young, diversifying your feeders is key. For example, hang or mount feeders containing safflower, Nyjer or mixed seeds in one area while designating a different corner of your yard for jelly feeders for orioles and nectar feeders for hummingbirds. This will ensure that you will attract more than one species while avoiding any crowding issues.

2. Plant bushes and trees that produce seeds in the falls. As summer moves into fall, insects and other food sources become increasingly scarce. Having plants that produce seeds in September/October ensure that your winged visitors keep coming to your back yard before they migrate south for the winter.

3. Don’t forget the water. Because temperatures rise significantly during the summer months in most areas of the United States, offering clean water is very important to attracting birds in July and August. This is the perfect time to buy a waterer or birdbath for your back yard. If you’re on the market for a waterer, we suggest that you check out our Harmony Bird waterer. Its enclosed design ensures the water remains clean and protected from dirt, dust and UV rays.

More than ever, keep watching the birds’ behavior over time. You’ll notice different feeding patterns at different times of the day as the seasons change. Not only will you get more enjoyment from watching your birds, but you’ll also learn more about them. We’d love to hear any other summer tips you may have – drop us a note and tell us what you have learned. Happy birding!

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