The 10 Most Sought After Backyard Birds and Their Favorite Food

The 10 Most Sought After Backyard Birds and Their Favorite Food

Whether you’re an avid, binocular owning birder or the more relaxed, wine glass in hand while birdwatching from your back porch type, you enjoy each seasonal winged visitor because of its beautiful song, whimsical flight patterns, and colorful plumage. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted an informal survey, asking our readers for their favorite/most sought after backyard birds. You can find the full list below, along with the type of seed/food they each prefer. We hope this will make it easier for you to attract them to your feeder. Here we go:

1. American Goldfinch. A common bird, it is extremely fun to watch because of its bright yellow plumage (in the summer) and its social behavior. You can attract the American Goldfinch with finch feeders filled with Nyjer seed.

2. American Robin. This is a popular backyard bird for many of our readers as it is easy to spot and to attract. Look for its orange breast and dark brown back. The American Robin prefers mealworms.

3. Bluebirds. There are various species of Bluebirds across the United States, and you may find different ones based on where you live. Bluebirds, recognizable by their blue plumage, love mealworms and suet.

4. Dark-Eyed Junco. More common in the Eastern United States, the Dark-Eyed Junco has dark gray wings and a white body (which can easily be seen while in flight). It is drawn to platform feeders and prefers millet and suet.

5. Indigo Bunting. As we wrote in an earlier article this year, the Indigo Bunting is one of the most sought after backyard birds. Easily recognizable due its iridescent blue and turquoise plumage, the Indigo Bunting prefers mixed seeds. Make sure you use a feeder designed especially for smaller birds, such as our medium mixed seed feeder and our small tray feeder, both of which come in hanging or post mount styles.

6. Orioles. Bird lovers enjoy watching these bright orange backyard birds come and go as they devour all things sweet, whether it be berries, orange slices or jelly. Your best bet for attracting the Oriole to your backyard is a feeder especially designed for jelly, such as our Jelly Self-Feeder.

7. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Black, white and rose-red plumage make this bird easily recognizable. It loves sunflower and Safflower seeds, and will happily feed at your feeder as long as you keep it full.

8. Black-Capped Chickadee. You can always identify this little critter due to the fact that it looks like it’s wearing a black cap. The rest of its plumage is white and light brown. The Black-Capped Chickadee loves peanut butter and suet.

9. Purple Martin. A type of North American swallow, the Purple Martin is not a seed feeder. Instead, it prefers large quantities of insects, which it likes to catch in mid-flight. Birders enjoy these little guys not only because of their pretty song and flight patterns, but because they help get rid of all the pesky mosquitoes we all hate in the summer.

10. Northern Cardinal. Most commonly found in the Eastern United States, the Northern Cardinal is known for its regal demeanor (due to the crest on its head) and its bright red plumage. Like most other cardinals, it enjoys sunflower seeds.

If you’re looking for a feeder for your favorite backyard bird, feel free to check out our wide selection of innovative feeders, many of which come with a hood and cage and can be hung or post mounted. Happy birding!

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