Lyle’s Story

A recipient of the Grand Champion Inventors Congress award for his work in agriculture, Lyle Stevermer has spent more than 53 years making life easier for people through his innovative products and inventions.

A decades-long birding enthusiast, Lyle eventually began designing his own bird feeders, having been disappointed with the poor quality and design of products currently on the market. He started with three simple goals:

  1. Feeders should be easier to clean and maintain.
  2. Feeders should be able to withstand the harsh Minnesota elements.
  3. Feeders should be able to attract desirable birds while keeping larger species away from the food.
    With the help of his family, Lyle spent more than seven years developing and testing his designs – and after countless hours of hard work, we’re finally ready to share those products with the wider birding community.

About Harmony Bird

Our company name evokes one of the most enjoyable benefits of bird watching – listening to the beautiful songs of our winged visitors.

Today, Harmony Bird’s day-to-day operations are handled by Lyle’s daughter Sharon, herself an avid bird lover, while Lyle continues to develop his designs. We’re proud to continue the tradition of local family-owned and operated businesses that the Midwest is known for.