Jelly Self Feeder (Hanging with Hood & Cage)

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We have feeder options for just about every bird visiting your back yard – each with a unique, innovative design. Every Harmony Bird feeder is easy to use, easy to clean, and built extra tough to handle harsh winds and extreme temperature swings.


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The Harmony Bird Jelly Self-feeder uses an innovative, one-of-a-kind design to attract beautiful Orioles with less hassle. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and includes a FREE Ant Moat and a set of tools to help clean and maintain the feeder.

Fill less, and feed more. The Harmony Bird Jelly Self Feeder’s patent-pending design slowly distributes jelly as needed via a vacuum seal, resulting in a more efficient flow that conceals the jelly from the elements and keeps waste to a minimum. This feeder’s special tray is colored orange to better attract local Orioles, and the jar is UV protected and naturally colored to help keep jelly solid during the hot summer months.

We’ve also included special tools to help you clean and maintain your feeder: the Jelly Catcher simplifies cleaning and keeps the mess to a minimum when removing the jelly jar from the tray, and our unique De-Jeller is designed to loosen your jelly to create a more efficient flow.

  • Large jar designed to hold more than 48 fl. oz. of jelly
  • Divided jelly ports to promote friendly feeding
  • Orange tray to better attract Orioles
  • UV protection for entire feeder
  • Vacuum seal technology for slow, efficient jelly flow
  • Locking Hood for superior protection against the elements
  • 5” Cage to keep out large birds
  • Snap Hanger makes it virtually impossible for your feeder to fall
  • FREE Ant Moat to keep ants from invading your jelly and feeder
  • FREE Jelly Catcher for simpler, tidier clean-up
  • FREE De-Jeller for a more efficient jelly flow

Great for attracting:

  • Orioles
This product is also available in a Post Mount style.*FREE Ant Moat only available with Hanging style*

4 reviews for Jelly Self Feeder (Hanging with Hood & Cage)

  1. Lisa Severson

    Over the years I have purchased a variety of different oriole feeder’s with little or no success attracting the birds. After putting up my harmony jelly self-feeder I first saw the female and within a couple of days both the female and the male we’re visiting the feeder multiple times per day. It is so easy, just fill it and forget it, but keep your camera handy to capture a picture of these beautiful birds!

  2. Geri McGonegle

    The Hanging Jelly Self feeder is the perfect Oriole feeder at our lake home. The easy fill, large capacity feeder ensures the birds are continuing to be fed even when we are away. It’s a great design that keeps the Orioles around.

  3. Barbara M

    Note: This review was received by phone and is being posted here with the caller’s permission.

    I’ve purchased bird feeders from other companies but I’ve never seen anything like the Oriole feeder from Harmony Bird. I absolutely love it. It’s easy to install, easy to lock and unlock. Very good construction and the locking mechanism is great.

  4. Cindy Derfler (verified owner)

    This is the best Oriole jelly feeder I’ve ever used. I have mine in front of my kitchen window, so I get an up close view of the brilliant orioles. The feeder is easy to use and holds about 1 1/2 jars of jelly so it is a time saver not having to refill so often. Also, the hood protects the jelly from the heat of the sun. Great customer service too!

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  • Ant Moat
  • Hood
  • 5 inch Cage
  • Length: 18.75 in.
  • Width: 18.75 in.
  • Height: 13 in.
  • Weight (without jelly): 4 lb.