Medium Waterer – Hanging

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Promote bird sanitation and keep your birds hydrated. Our Harmony Bird Medium Waterer keeps water concealed and protected from UV rays, while distributing only what’s needed.


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If you’re looking to increase your amount of friendly, feathered visitors, or would like to enjoy their singing a little longer, this is the way to do it. The Harmony Bird Medium Waterer keeps birds healthy and hydrated while promoting sanitation by only distributing water as needed. It’s easy to clean, easy to refill, and holds more than 2.5 qt. of water. Combined with our UV protection, that means less work and more time enjoying the wonderful birds visiting your yard.

Product features include:

  • Holds more than 2.5 qt. of water
  • Vacuum design only distributes water as needed
  • 10” Tray
  • Snap Hanger makes it virtually impossible for your feeder to fall
  • Sturdy ABS material construction
  • UV Protection

In addition to this product, we suggest the following:

  • Hood & 10” Cage – Provides superior protection against the elements and keeps larger, unwanted birds from drinking your water 

This product is also available in a Post Mount style.

Note: Post Mount must be used with the Harmony Bird post system in order to take advantage of the unique lock-down feature.


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  • Length: 10.75 in.
  • Width: 10.75 in.
  • Height: 18.25 in.
  • Weight (without water): 1 lb.