16” Tray Feeder – Post Mount (with Hood and 10” Cage)

$ 24.95

Perfect for attracting your favorite birds! There are so many options with this feeder including offering mixed seed, sunflower, sliced fruit, and more!


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So many food options – now with added protection from sunlight and larger species.

The Harmony Bird 16″ Tray Feeder allows for a wide variety of seed, allowing you to attract many different species while keeping larger birds out. Built with long-life materials to withstand extreme temperatures.

Product features include: 

  • Locking Hood for superior protection against the elements
  • 10” Cage to keep out large birds
  • Drainage ports to keep seed from spoiling quickly
  • UV protection
  • Harmony Bird Post Mount compatibility

Great for attracting:

  • Various species (with various types of food)

In addition to this product, we suggest the following:

This product is also available in a Hanging style.

Note: Post Mount must be used with the Harmony Bird Post System in order to take advantage of the unique lock-down feature.


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  • Length: 18.75 in.
  • Width: 18.75 in.
  • Height: 18.25 in.
  • Weight (without food): 5 lb.