Squirrel Feeder – Hanging

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Squirrels need to eat, too. And since they tend to go for the food that’s easiest to get their hands on, having their own feeder means less time spent bothering your birds.
Includes a FREE 4-pack of Harmony Bird Sweet Corn 1 lb. Squirrel Logs.


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Squirrels need a place to eat too – just not at your bird feeders. Instead, occupy your furry visitors with their very own feeder that offers dried corn on the cob. Our Harmony Bird Squirrel Feeder uses corn posts to hold up to four ears of corn, and is incredibly easy to clean and refill. Made of long-life, UV protected materials. For best results, we suggest hanging this product away from other feeders.

Product features include:

  • Four corn posts
  • Sturdy ABS material construction
  • UV Protection
  • FREE 4-pack of Harmony Bird Sweet Corn 1 lb. Squirrel Logs

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  • Length: 11.25 in.
  • Width: 11.25 in.
  • Height: 14 in.
  • Weight (without food): 1 lb.